Thank goodness it’s summer!

It’s nice an warm out there today, but I’m indoors working on stuff, as usual.
I’m finishing the ‘root body’ of a new sculpture. It’s like I mostly want to make these sculptures lately.
I do paint a bit pretty much every day, but mostly I want to crochet. That’s fine with me. I have a big installation going up in October, so I need to be as productive as I can.
Tonight I am going to teach a workshop about the plastic bag crocheting! I am excited! It’ll be at Janovec Gallery, in SE Portland. The workshop is sponsored by the Oregon Women’s Caucus for Art, of which am a member.
I am totally excited to teach these women how to turn bags into other things!
Mostly I think I will focus on the ‘yarn’ part. And starting a project. A small project.
I’m getting faster, after doing this for a year and change. But it takes SO long, I don’t think people realize how many steps go into it. Not that there are too many, it’s just more complicated than simply buying yarn and beginning. The crochet itself is slower too, just because it’s a tougher material, and has the potential to break or stretch. And it is not possible to make the size of the ‘yarn’ uniform in a timely way. So it has to be a little uneven.
Anyways… after I teach this class I have to go take photos of the installation at Blackfish Gallery! It’s been up a whole month and every evening I forget to photograph it. In the daylight there is a horrible glare and it is impossible to photograph. But at night there are lights in the window – it looks gorgeous!
I am in love with it. And I have to take it down in a few days! But elements of that exhibit will be in future installations, some that are more interactive and give people a better chance to fully experience the pieces.
It’s just been really cool to have work in that gallery. I have loved that gallery for years. It’s about as old as I am, a co-op, and in a great location. Lots of very talented artists show there.
Ohhh! Ok, I have to get ready to go teach.
Thanks for reading this.


Blackfish Gallery fishbowl inside

I just got this link about color…

What a great article! You should check it out.

As an artist I am interested in color and visual perception and chemical reaction.

Very freaking cool!

Some of our favorite colors are constructs of our brains and are not reflected light. Well, ultimately they are, but they are our brains combination of the light. Making up the difference kind of. 

Oh, you should just read it. I’m not very good at explaining it.

lovely plastic yarn!

If you are interested in learning how to make plastic bags into yarn and are in Portland please get in touch.

I will be teaching a workshop next week about this, at Janovec Gallery in SE Portland. The workshop will be an hour long and is sponsored by the Oregon Women’s Caucus for Art.

This free class will fill up fast, so please let me know if you would like to be involved.

Oh good, I will blog finally.

Hello beautiful world.
Artwise today I think I am going to go paint plein aire. It’s cloudy but kind of warm, and I really need to paint.
I’ve been doing a lot of sculpture. And I love it.
But I also love to paint.
So that’s going to be fun.
Soon, soon, some work to do still.
But I wanted to start this blog, so I’d have it!