I’m in nyc! And I have been for the last week.
I’ve been in heavy production mode – which is ok since there have been thunderstorms every day. So lots of indoor time.
I’ve made 4 small plastic bag sculptures and am working on maybe 10 painting/drawings on paper (so far).
Last night a firefly came in through the window of the apartment (on the 16th floor of a building at the edge of the Hudson River. It lit and lit as it moved around the apartment. By this time I had closed the window. But it landed on the couch, so opened the window and got it to crawl on my hand. And put it outside. It was amazing. They are such beautiful insects, beetles until their butts light up. So crazy that so many bits of nature phosphorece. That isn’t the correct spelling, I know.
Anyhow, I’m off into the city today! It seems to be clear out.
Blog ya later.


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