damn! july 4, nyc

alright guys! it’s freaking crazy out there. and we are up in the battery park city 16th floor apartment. there must be some wedding going on, there is billy idol playing from this yacht. and we saw the foreworks from here, 400th anniversary of henry hudson’s discovery of the hudson river. yeah!
but earlier today, that was freaking rad. robin lehto made this peacock costume and she asked us to meet her at the park (central, sheeps meadow) then she asked us to perform! http://qik.com/video/2078871. it was crazy!
i haven’t performed in public in so long. oh the years which have passed since that time.
but here it goes again! i am shy, it is true. and socially awkward. but i guess this is something i can do! i forget. new york and portland are so different in this way. so different.
in new york people are into it too, they want to touch your outfit, they want to take photos of you, they know that they are witnessing history, and they like a spectacle. they are like, oh, you are beautiful”. in portland people ignore you. you’re out of the ordinary. they don’t know what to do with you so they act too cool to care.
anyhow, it was fun. i did not know i would be performing, for 4 hours especially. but it was great. i was in a daze when we were done. we went all over the park. it rocked.
an now i’m all tired and feeling good in that “i am a vehicle for art” way.
i live such a charmed life.
dude. who gets to walk through a meadow full of half naked people with a sparkly peacock costume on? i am lucky. thank you robin, for asking me to be the alternating head and tail of your giant gorgeous bird.
i am so happy.
i think i will pass out now. my arms feel like mush! yay unexpected exercise and art combined!

ps http://qik.com/video/2078871. here is some video. oh my goodness! i just saw some of the footage that my honey shot too! dang! soon it will be in the form of a video. i will post it, for sure.


2 thoughts on “damn! july 4, nyc

  1. I lived in Manhattan for 11 years and being part of a peacock sounds oh so normal (and quite sparkly by the way). When I lived in NYC, I spent entire days in a daze. Good for you, Katie!

    • Thank you, Jan!
      It was great! I had no idea, well, i did, but I’d forgotten. And I have never performed for such a big and varied audience. Or with a 2 person puppet.
      The full video will be released soon.
      I love New York! And that was like icing on the love! So much fun!
      Thanks again!

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