New York City is inspiring.

Hello out there~

Oh sweet fate! Oh glorious fortunate circumstance. The gods are sparkling on me!

I’m still in NYC! I am still not sure quite what is going on with the rest of my travels. Some things will happen. And some other things.
I hope to visit some friends, but -although the east coast is very smushed together (vs my west coast) some things are far apart. I want to go to Virginia but it will take me like 8 hours or more. Oh! Plus it costs more than I thought.

It’s hard to know what will happen. It’s hard to know when I will be back here for very long also. Hmmm. It’s such a lovely place, this new york.

But I don’t quite know what to do with myself here. There are so many options.
Besides making art, I have a couple of friends here to hang out with (but they are busy people too). So I sometimes walk around for 6 hours or so, or sit and draw in the park. But besides that all I can think of to do is eat the wonderful foods of this place. Or visit museums or galleries. But many of the museums (although they say they are sliding scale) do not want you to only pay $3. But that is a lot of money and I will get a lot out of it. Still they snarl!

I am a poor person, and do not have the money to do much of that. Plus I would become very fat if I ate everything I wanted to here. There are so many good things to eat. The favorites. Some things you cannot find in dumb oregon are very easy to get here. Oh my goodness.
The dumplings! The fried foods! The split pea soup and vegan ice cream and sauerkraut perogi and bubble tea and vegan pizza and pumpernickel bagels with egg salad and hamantaschen and soup dumplings… the deliciousness glowing from every side of the city! Sigh.

But no, not much with the consumption for me. I have mostly been making stuff.
I guess I feel, in the daytime, if i am not making art I am wasting my time.
I did go to chelsea, I did a puppetshow with Robin Lehto (who will release video later – you’ll have to wait for the screenings or to see the final version online soon). I also helped her build a pomegranate (mostly I did the structural bits, armature, some of the outer skin but just structurally) for another puppet show. This one smaller, a prop, not a puppet (a bit of a nook, dioramastyle – yes!)

And I did visit the park a few times, various parts of the city, other boros, I even went to jersey city! But I think I am feeling like responsable for my actions more this trip.
And my life.

Like if I don’t make a couple small sculptures a week I am totally wasting my time on this beautiful earth.
Paintings too. But the sculptures more-so.
Especially because the art market is down. I have to make as much as my hands can handle. I hope I don’t break ’em.

Ah sweet workaholism.

I also have new desires for cardboard sculpture. Something having to do with largescale garbage combination and fake nature, or landscape.

I have some ideas and I feel like I am bursting and I pretty much only want to talk about staples (to programers and people who do not give 2 shakes about staples!) all day.
Plus I miss my cat. But we’ll be going home soon. Plus I like it here too.

I guess I am lonely too. And my bran chemistry can be funny. Fun with neurons and chemical reactions!

Anyways, that’s enough rambling for now.
Thanks for reading, all who dare!

ps this is a bit like the view from where i am sitting.

this is old. very old. but it is kind of what i see out the window.

this is old. very old. but it is kind of what i see out the window.


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