oh new york! all puddle and sideways rain. island of glitter and piss. great glorious gum sidewalks stretching miles and miles. avenues to streets to parks. under this same summer storm. thunder echo off building after building. domino ripples through the canyons. bronx to battery, as they say. i saw a thick long bolt over the hudson, quick and bright. like boom and rumble. the sweet sheets of rain making the dirt, metrocards, wrappers, layers of food and poo and grease run into the gutters and down. into the caves, into one of these rivers and down away somewhere else. particles we will not see again. some lost things in the tunnel labyrinth below it all. the connections and the maps we walk in.
until then i will stare out the window and watch the clouds light up all whiteyellow and burst bright against the buildings. all shiny windows and steel butressed, marble and melting limestone.

boxes in boxes and the hudson


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