here i am again! oregon!

it’s hot. 

went to baltimore for a day and washington dc for a day, the lovely east side.

museums and monuments and so many fireflies. wish there had been more time to do more traveling. i guess i love it. i’d travel every day if i could. so much i want to see and do. and so many people i wanted to visit. hopefully soon we will go again. family and friends we missed visiting.

saw fireflies, an easter island head, the apollo and gemini command modules (charred from reentry), big lincoln, my family in arlington cemetery, poe’s grave, the lights at the top of the washington monument blinking like eyes, paintings, sculptures, the jellyfish eli halpin painted on the things boats tie up to in the harbor as well as her studio, parks, the potomac, and about a million other things. as much as possible! in such a short time period. 

so here i am again in portland oregon. all home and with the cat and working on catching up. oh my charmed life. i travel a lot. i love it, but i always miss so much stuff! and when i am back it is like i have been gone for longer than i have, always.

now i must organize the $ of other people. and count my pennies and my blessings.

happy summer everyone!


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