monday with the paintbrushes and the sprouts

oh the sweet weeks beginning.
and the peas sprouting in the kitchen, growing tails, rooting. bitter but getting sweeter. and the lentils getting ready to too.
all of this sweet monday stuff. the coffee and the rushed scrambled eggs. the smooties and the internet job searching.
and now it’s all 10 and i am all about painting some sweet bits of my park. yes my park. laurelhurst, so close to my apartment it could be my yard (if I had a big yard with several blocks and streets in the middle). forget those fences, they are still all my yards.
gorgeous portland summer weekday. no jobs i can find online, so i will have to make my own job. something with the website, something with the paintbrushes. oh bossing myself!
but i’m all antsy for travel still. maybe all of those weeks away made me into a rolling stone. i am obviously not mossy.
off to fulfill my destiny.


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