super natural

yeah! it’s good to be alive!
good to have these hands that can hold paintbrushes in such a specific way. hold the paint in them until i want to use it.
tonight i’ve been crocheting little flowers for a big branchy thing… all plastic bags of course.
and watching old episodes of buffy the vampire slayer. i have so many flowers to make. i’ve done maybe 30, and i have 10 or so more. just slowly chipping away at this huge sculpture. it’s as tall as me, the bulk of it is burly but it has these delicate colorful tips.
and while i was making i had this idea.
maybe the next thing. something new!
i’ve been painting these landscapes for a while now. at least a couple of years. in fact i painted one (need to go back there to finish it) yesterday at laurelhurst park. and i love them, i really love them, and i am not going to stop painting them. but i want to paint other stuff too. i want to paint more abstractly, and also figuratively!
like, a lot.
ooo, have i mentioned how much i love paint?
so my new idea involves ordinary people. and gods/goddesses or supernatural powers.
hmmm, this needs development.
but i think i have the first one.
i guess it’s me.
i have painted many portraits, in school, before school, after school.
i would like to continue this, i suppose, but in a more general way. people i don’t know.
that’s easier. no getting people to sit for me. no people i have known for years, plus i have painted most of these people already. and their hands. now for something else!
and there are photos of people in all poses. ideally i’d have a model, but this particular incarnation of my life (although charmed) does not include that luxury.
so i will get some magazines out.
i will let you know how that all works out.
i’m feeling restless, unsettled. and now it’s all late at night. so i feel the weird sleepy restlessness that comes with drinking too much coffee and going to a board meeting and eating toast not too long ago.
i just drew 3 of these scenes out.
maybe in the morning i will feel differently and paint more landscapes/cityscapes/seascapes. or maybe i will paint one of these new ideas.
they include people, small, standing as if waiting and the world around them is crumbling, glowing, moving. the sky is huge and doing things (shooting stars, aurora, etc.). the people are powerful in different ways. yet to be discovered. magical.
i’ll have to let you know.
i’ve been itching to paint people, so this just may be a step toward something else.
anyhow, i suppose i ought to go to sleep.
things will happen tomorrow morning that i cannot miss due to staying up crocheting. regardless of how tired i am.
happy wednesday!DSC00028


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