More reasons not to go to the circus

One of my oldest and most awesome friends, Zoe, just sent this to me. I cannot believe how mean these people are to these beautiful animals. These giant and once wild beings are larger and stonger than their messed-up-in-the-head captors, and yet the circus guys beat them up and yell at them. This is very sad and it makes me want to cry.
No circuses for me, man. Totally gross.
Other reasons not to go to the animal circus include the cost, the clowns, and the creepy factor.
Mainly though, because they beat up elephants and tigers.
Totally gross.
This is art related because these animals are inspiring and important and are being beat up and killed by humanity. This is bad for everyone in the world and bad for the world.
So, don’t beat up elephants or I will beat you up!


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