abstract landscape workshop for kids

Oh! I forgot to put this in here…
yesterday I did a workshop at a community center in NW portland. For kids.
I showed them how to make abstract landscape paintings.
We did small paintings on paper, kind of like cardstock. They were tempera and acrylic. I brought books and showed them pictures of abstract paintings, landscape paintings and abstract landscape paintings. We talked about Georgia O’Keeffe and about our favorite places in the world.
Then we painted.
It was super fun!
I also brought a painting I’ve been working on and showed them what I do and talked about abstraction.
There were a large age range of kids. Maybe 6 to 10?
They did amazing paintings! Just gorgeous.
One boy painted Oaks Park, a local small amusement park. One boy painted like 4 paintings. One girl did this beautiful bright striped painting.
I just wanted to share this.
It was very fun!


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