wow it’s hot!

oh man! it’s supposed to be over 100 degrees here in portland today.
and i am already sweating!
my studio is stuffy and hot, so i am intimidated by the prospect of going there.
tonight i am going to a workshop for portland open studios, of which i am the treasurer and on the board. this, the second of 2 workshops, is at 7 pm. but until then i am not sure what to do with myself.
i think i might go to the mall and paint. or draw. the mall i speak of has an ice rink and is very nicely air conditioned.
i am not good at not getting paint on the floor when i am painting though. actually i will probably get kicked out of the mall if i go there. as i am a tattooed pigtailed grouch today. and no, i won’t dress more like the other people at the mall, it’s too hot.
so i may not interact nicely with anyone who asks me to not get paint on the floor.
too hot to handle!
well, i need to eat something.
i’ve been putting it off, but i must override my natural instinct to only have coffee or i will become even more of a grump.
also i need to get the air conditioner running. it’s one of those old small window numbers that just got taken out of the basement, so the filter was washed and drying on the porch for a few and should be ready to go.
ok, smoothie time!
hope it’s cooler where you are, reader!


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