painting big


I love painting big!

The past couple of days I’ve helped Robin Corbo finish up a very large mural on NE 7th and Hancock, in Portland.

I’ve missed large painting! It’s so much fun!

Today is the last day of painting, and she’s had a large amount of volunteers working on it. Like me! I did what I could reach, and tried to help as much as I could. I wish I’d had more time to work on it. It was really fun.

Most of the mural was painted by youth! And volunteers. It is gorgeous and took less than 2 months. They started just after the 4th of july, and it’s nearly september – and it’s almost done. There are people working on the last bits as I type. The last few days  have been about ironing out all of the last details. Hands, fabric, lettering, shoes, grass. Cats and dogs. Vegetables.

The mural is about kidney health. It is extremely cool. The opening party will be this coming sunday, at 4 pm. I will be out of town. If you’d like to see it and meet people who have worked on it please stop by.

It is the biggest mural I have ever had the luck to work on. There are some photos of the mural’s process and progress.

Heart Beet


I have been working on this sculpture, it’s about 20 inches tall and 5 inches across.

It’s called something like ‘heartbeet’, as it is much like a heart and a beet at once. It only intended to be a beet, then it got ventricles around it’s stem and branchy bits that look like aorta.

I’m pretty damn excited about it. I’ve been working on it for a while. Some of the bits are pretty time consuming. Tiny black flowers at the tips of the top of crochet red branchy things. These must be sewn on, it’s pretty delicate work, with a yarn needle and thin plastic bag strips. Looping and knotting to make a sepal area that cups the flower and pushes the plastic in just the right way.

So my fingers hurt some, although I did take yesterday off from this activity (which I tend to do for at least an hour a day, or until my fingers hurt a lot – up to 4 hours). It’s the eye of the yarn needle that gives the fingers trouble. Little sharp sides of the eye.

But I am itching to work on it again as soon as I can. I have work to do today, but later on I hope to get some time to make and attach some more flowers to the little root heart.

Wednesday night I will be hanging out with one of my oldest friends, Natalie, and working on it too… so I may have good news for you sooner than I’d expect.

I’ve included a photo. It’s hard to photograph using the camera on the computer, and is longer than it looks. And more complicated. I’ll put up a photo when I am done too.

Thanks for reading! I have to get a move on!



heartbeet - not the best photo, but it's in process.

crochet hookin it

hi dudes and dudettes!

today i was going around with the rad lady i’m helpin’ out now adays (since the art’s not selling itself, i’ve had to find other incomes), and I went to this place called the knittin kitten.

it’s on like glisan and 75th, ne. in portland, oregon.

and it is crazy cool! a thriftstore for craftyness!

i have always wanted a crochet hook that was made from purplepink plastic. with bubbles in it. for like 10 years i have wanted this type of thing. and there i found one for 2 bucks. plus the part where it’s recycled. it’s reused. that’s like my favorite thing ever.

so now i have this gorgeous hook, that i won’t feel weird about using on an airplane.

and it’s a great size too, fat and lovely. i can’t remember the gage. 12? but what letter? hmmm. dunno, i took off the tag already. i think it’s a P.

so now i am going to go crochet something. hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don’t forget to get used supplies for the crafty adventures… cheaper, and less resources used. that means more beans! if you like beans.

ps. i made faux icecream from cashews and maple syrup today! it is incredible!!!! i recommend looking into it if you like that type of stuff. i soaked the cashews too – extra nutrients and stuff. mmmmmmmmmmm!

thanks for reading!

xoxo katie

this thick paint

the layering and sanding back. something ghostly under the surface coming up. lines and roller bumps from 100 years of paint layers, sanding back the jawbreaker of the farmhouse. that once or twice a decade coat. and then covering it all again. the right color this time.

a couple of days ago i finished the bathroom in warren, and spent a good 11 hours with my arm in the painting or sanding position. not that i minded the long day, it’s good to have it finished. it’s a long drive, and it’s hard to muss up someone’s house for more than a day. make them live with the toilet paper in the entryway. the towel racks in the hall. i am a perfectionist. it is done, there are 2 plus coats of lovely paint. the edges are even, the bits that crawled under the tape have been painted over. the moulding is all covered and shiny.

the process is always interesting. houses with their timelines of paint. layer after layer. primer over the old. this one had been raw wood for a long time, stained and full of holes. but the cabinet had been painted over and over again. and as i painted it’s doors i noticed lovely old wallpaper within. green and pink flowers, maybe tulips. possibly 80 year old wallpaper. i love that part.

houses (apartments too) are history that we get to live within.

I’m a Paint Nerd!

I really like to paint.

And I really like paint. But those two go together.

Even housepaint makes me happy. 

I’ve been painting my friends bathroom, lot’s of trim, behind a big ol beautiful bathtub, and I added extra moulding to make things look more fancy/oldschool.

And it’s fun! 

Today I painted primer! And some samples of colors in different spots on the walls so she could try them out for the weekend. (Hooray Renee!) 

Paint looks different in different kinds of light. Like Alexandrite. And the color changes dramatically after drying.

There are so many good colors to choose from. SO MANY! And some of the paint goes on so well, and has this wonderful coverage, and it just makes me so happy. Then I remember that I am a certified paint nerd. Very nerdy for the paint.

I think I’ll have it all painted up on monday and I’ll try to remember my camera so I can post a picture here. 

Thanks for reading, reader. 

Best, Katie

Studio Fun!


I accidentally spent all day reorganizing my studio. It really was all day. Whoops.

I was supposed to help Robin Lehto film something at the bins (big rumagey goodwill in SE Portland). But I lost track of time.

I moved all of my shelves around. And made room in different areas for people to come into the studio in October!

I’ve been working odd jobs to make ends meet, so haven’t had much studio time recently. And I will be starting a 2/3 time dayjob super soon. So I won’t have much time to move stuff around. Mostly time to paint! And crochet! So I just did it. And it’s so good that it’s done!

Plenty of other stuff to do – but I did it.
And the darn thing was MESSY! Tell you what!

But, having spent maybe 6 hours moving the furniture back and forth I think I got it down finally!

I have a nook for old paintings and one for wood for future painting construction. And a nook for the easels (I usually have 3 going at least!) And the entrance is all cleared up and ready for people to enter. Some tables/desks over there for me to demonstrate how I do what I do on.

Well, it’s almost done. I do need to do some other stuff too… but, well, it’s 75% done.
And there is really only so much I can do in one day, when I have other stuff going on (like volunteer jobs {portland open studios!, vvsn, oh, wait I dropped the other ones when i got too busy}, and art and my sweetheart and the cat and meals and sleeping and growing sprouts and blogging and looking for shows on the internet).

Soooooo, in October – in time for PORTLAND OPEN STUDIOS! – the studio is sure to be organized enough for people to come and see it. I have plans too… I may spill out a bit into the studio shop and common area and use some space that’s around…

To buy a tourguide for this event please check out!


Plus the part where my studio will function better and be a more fun place to work! Maybe next week this will be true. I have a couple of days of… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hope to see you there in October! The second and third weekends I will be there and will happily explain what I do and how!

Love Katie

a sculpture I made - this will be on view at the Tyson Gallery in NW Portland in October.

a sculpture I made - this will be on view at the Tyson Gallery in NW Portland in October.