I’m a Paint Nerd!

I really like to paint.

And I really like paint. But those two go together.

Even housepaint makes me happy. 

I’ve been painting my friends bathroom, lot’s of trim, behind a big ol beautiful bathtub, and I added extra moulding to make things look more fancy/oldschool.

And it’s fun! 

Today I painted primer! And some samples of colors in different spots on the walls so she could try them out for the weekend. (Hooray Renee!) 

Paint looks different in different kinds of light. Like Alexandrite. And the color changes dramatically after drying.

There are so many good colors to choose from. SO MANY! And some of the paint goes on so well, and has this wonderful coverage, and it just makes me so happy. Then I remember that I am a certified paint nerd. Very nerdy for the paint.

I think I’ll have it all painted up on monday and I’ll try to remember my camera so I can post a picture here. 

Thanks for reading, reader. 

Best, Katie


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