this thick paint

the layering and sanding back. something ghostly under the surface coming up. lines and roller bumps from 100 years of paint layers, sanding back the jawbreaker of the farmhouse. that once or twice a decade coat. and then covering it all again. the right color this time.

a couple of days ago i finished the bathroom in warren, and spent a good 11 hours with my arm in the painting or sanding position. not that i minded the long day, it’s good to have it finished. it’s a long drive, and it’s hard to muss up someone’s house for more than a day. make them live with the toilet paper in the entryway. the towel racks in the hall. i am a perfectionist. it is done, there are 2 plus coats of lovely paint. the edges are even, the bits that crawled under the tape have been painted over. the moulding is all covered and shiny.

the process is always interesting. houses with their timelines of paint. layer after layer. primer over the old. this one had been raw wood for a long time, stained and full of holes. but the cabinet had been painted over and over again. and as i painted it’s doors i noticed lovely old wallpaper within. green and pink flowers, maybe tulips. possibly 80 year old wallpaper. i love that part.

houses (apartments too) are history that we get to live within.

1 thought on “this thick paint

  1. “Sanding back the jawbreaker of the farmnhouse.” I love it. What an apt description! I also love that you still write in all-lowercase. I had forgotten about that! Will add your blog to my “following” list if you don’t mind being (minorly) publicized.

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