painting big


I love painting big!

The past couple of days I’ve helped Robin Corbo finish up a very large mural on NE 7th and Hancock, in Portland.

I’ve missed large painting! It’s so much fun!

Today is the last day of painting, and she’s had a large amount of volunteers working on it. Like me! I did what I could reach, and tried to help as much as I could. I wish I’d had more time to work on it. It was really fun.

Most of the mural was painted by youth! And volunteers. It is gorgeous and took less than 2 months. They started just after the 4th of july, and it’s nearly september – and it’s almost done. There are people working on the last bits as I type. The last few days  have been about ironing out all of the last details. Hands, fabric, lettering, shoes, grass. Cats and dogs. Vegetables.

The mural is about kidney health. It is extremely cool. The opening party will be this coming sunday, at 4 pm. I will be out of town. If you’d like to see it and meet people who have worked on it please stop by.

It is the biggest mural I have ever had the luck to work on. There are some photos of the mural’s process and progress.

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