dia: beacon


i just went to dia: beacon today! it was so cool!

the building used to be a cookie or biscuit factory. and now it is vast and there is a lot of art there! the modernish kind. and there is a lot of work by each artist.

it’s not a museum that’s crammed full of art either. there is room for the art to do it’s thing.

it was great!

one room had 4 richard serra ‘torqued ellipses’ (oh, maybe 30 feet tall? hard to tell from down here on these short legs). very nice. also these lovely pits by michael heizer. you can tell i like the rusty metal? yep. i also very much enjoyed the john chamberlain collection.

oh, and the antoni taipes’ were  very nice! i realized (again… i already knew this, but every time i see this type of thing i am reminded) that i very much like art that is dirty looking, in the most traditional sense. art that looks like dirt is part of it. i heart dirty art!

mmmmm dirt and rust! sigh!

i wish the loise borgeois collection had been larger or more varied in creation date. her language has changed throughout the years quite a bit, which is lovely and interesting to me. they did have quite a few very good sculptures of hers though. i just wanted to see more more more!

we took the metro north from grand central to beacon and walked to the museum. big grounds, huge building. took us an hour and a half each way, along the hudson. gorgeous!

and there is some more walking to do around the area, such a beautiful part of the hudson river valley. there is a dock/sculpture/interactive-community-fishing-area that’s part of the museum to (well, it’s maybe 1/2 mile from the museum, but was funded and organized by the museum), and that is also lovely!

it was well worth the trip.


some day, i tell you what! some day i’ll have art there! damn right!

and then, oh glorious day, we went to b&h and had sauerkraut pierogies and soup! and juice, which they make there for you in whatever flavor you want. oh i am so full and happy now! and the guy at the restaurant recognizes us because we go there every time we are here (at least once), and casey goes when i am not here even. such good food! and the juice we had was watermelon, cucumber, grape. mmmmmmmm.

thanks for reading!

some little island castle on the hudson river, from the train


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