art jitters!

hello, does anyone have brown plastic bags (f. meyer, safew.) to give me?

i’ve been trying to fall asleep for 3 hours in nyc (1:30 here, not 10:30, wild-westies) – worrying about the tyson installation that i haven’t been able to work on – because of my new york adventures.

the show opens on thursday october 1st, so i have about 3 weeks to finish everything and then a few days to install.

i actually did complete one small sculpture, early in my trip, before i realized that i needed to actually get as much out of this trip as possible. as i will be working more for other people and unable to spend so long here. for a while.

if you have any bags to give me, i’ll be staying up ass late (after other work) for the rest of the month working on as much sculpture as possible and the 6th season of buffy. maybe the 7th too, depending on how many hours i end up in crochet.

just had the idea to do some loose abstract mural work in the gallery. i’ll have to check with the curator, but i think it may be ok. i know i’ve seen the walls of the gallery painted before. and if i help to restore them to white it’ll probably be ok. plus it’ll look so cool! that’d take me another 10 or so hours though. maybe. it’d be pretty abstract, and be on multiple walls (this is good! i can jump between pieces to increase productivity due to drying time) but i am a perfectionist. so i’ll have to be less specific than usual. and they’d be big. so there’s that.

and then there’s open studios! the 2nd and 3rd weekends of the month. i need to organize my studio and set it up so it’s a good place to show the public what i do. and set up demo stations, so i can work and interact at the same time. and then i have to organize the plastic bag crochet class i’ll be teaching at the mission mill museum in salem. and get all of that stuff ready.

but i’ll be home soon. and i can worry about all of that stuff then. i’ve got a busy day tomorrow, with the cleaning and laundry and packing and making sure everything is taken care of. then the getting to the airport, on the plane and going home. and then the being home part. so i’d better try to fall asleep again. hopefully it’s not another hour of that turning, tossing, flipping, worrying stuff.

thanks for reading my late night insomniac rant.

more about the new york trip soon. i’ve got some good stuff that i forgot to put in here.


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