planetarium and vegan foods date!


so yesterday was labor day. so my sweetie had the day off!

we went on a long wonderful date, thank goodness. dates are fun! especially in nyc. even the president does that! nyc is for dates. nyc is for love! (sigh.)

we went to the hayden planetarium at the natural history museum. it was pretty darn cool, but when we got there we had to wait for an hour to see the show we wanted to see. narrated by whoopi goldberg. so we had an hour to go around the museum and look at dead animals from various parts of history. both of us have been to that museum a lot of times,  so it was not that exciting. dead stuff. dinosaur bones are cool though, so we looked at those a bit. also got to see a few meteorites, which i love. especially the ones riddled with crystals. iron and crystals from space! intergalactic traveling preciousness.

the planetarium is pretty cool, it shakes as part of the effect, like when a projected planet or star nearly hits you. kind of fun. and whoopi goldberg has a delightful new york voice, scratchy and engaging. the projections were pretty good too. one of the new systems.

we will forever be swayed by our previous ability to see free planetarium shows on lunch break. we met at the science museum we both worked at, and although that was a while ago now, we still have a hard time paying 48 dollars for half an hour of planetarium time. damn. it was the most expensive movie we’ve seen here so far. and not the best. but it was fun. and now we know.

so then we went in search of the vegan pizza slices! we went to a place called ‘viva herbal pizza’ in the east village. yes, i’d done my homework. and this was the closest place (and one of the only ones) that had a variety of vegan choices by the slice. not so good! and very pricy. i’ve made better. other restaurant patrons were thoroughly enjoying their choices, but mine was like a big cracker with artichoke hearts on it. plus it had tomato sauce, even though i didn’t think the sign said it did (i have problems with tomato) so i ate part of it and had some nice stomach cramps later. but it had some seitan on it that was delicious. and casey’s seemed better. they had slices with cow or other hooved animal cheeses on them… but the selection seemed better online. the vegan slices that i saw at the actual restaurant had tofu or something else on them instead of fake cheese. i really wanted fake cheese. ah well, now we know. there are apparently other places to get vegan slices, but mostly you have to order a whole pie. and most of the places with good reviews are in brooklyn. more vegans in brooklyn? i dunno.

then we went to a not so vegan bar (yucca) and had good, strong margaritas and tacos. i had a drink that had basil and pepper in it. i love basil! so that was fun! it was by tompkins square park, on ave. a, and we sat next to the open window and it was a lovely balmy evening.

then we went in search of the vegan icecream. the first shop we tried to visit was closed! it’s called ‘lula’s sweet apothecary’. it was labor day, and the evening… so many places seemed closed. but luckily we were in the east village. so we went only a few more blocks and went to ‘stogo’ and i had the most amazing coconut based vanilla icecream i have ever had the pleasure of eating. at this point my stomach was rocked from the pizza/taco/drinks. so i didn’t make it through my icecream. my delicious husband had mango sorbet, which was also very good. we traded off. but we liked mine better. it was amazing.

i’d say, from this experience, that the vegan icecream of the east village is very good, but you may have to go to brooklyn to get some vegan pizza that is pizzay enough for you.

all in all it was a very good evening. i love going on dates here. there is no shortage of things to do. an endless supply of excitement.



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