installed! installation! murals! cool!

Hi all y’all.

Yesterday, sunday september 28th, I put up my installation. It is up! Thank goodness.

Here are some photos of the installation process.

I went over to the lovely Tyson Gallery at 9 am, and I left at 6:30 pm.

I started with some mural work, for maybe 4 hours I put paint on the walls. This took me less time than I thought it would. I’ve done murals and I’ve painted a lot of paintings, but these murals are the closest to paintings in my abstract landscape series. They are a lot more loose, and less detailed, less drippy, and lighter. But they are pretty similar. So, maybe that’s why 3 big walls only took me 4 hours. Huh! I think I would have worked harder on longer on them, but didn’t want the walls to be distracting from the sculptures. Just to add atmosphere. I think it worked!

Then I began installing the sculpture. Hanging lots of it from the ceiling, and stretching these vines across the gallery. Hanging flowers from them.

At some point I had the hammer up on the top of the ladder and moved the ladder, and of course the hammer fell off the top of the ladder and hit me on the head!!!!! Ouch! At that point I sent a text message out and one of my dearest friends, Jessica Perelman, came and helped me! Thank you Jessica! She saved me! I was about to give up. It’s so hard to see something that you’ve been working on all day. It was around 4 that she came over to the gallery, and helped me install the rest of the sculptures, gave me input, and talked me out of my stupor. And she took some great photos, which will be included in the next entry.

By the time I left I was jelly-brained. I can totally paint for 9.5 hours, work for other people for this long, crochet sculptures for this long, but installing… it was intense! Physically and emotionally. Putting all of these sculptures that I’ve worked so hard on for the past year and a half up. Figuring out where they go, how to group them, it was fun and very challenging. I went home and fell asleep on the couch watching a dumb movie about Phillis Diller. And woke up with a stuffy nose. Don’t think I’m sick, just tired.

Please check the next blog entry for sneak peak pre-opening photos.


these are vines before they were installed

these are vines before they were installed

installing things.

installing things.






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