Portland Open Studios!


Today was my first ever day of Portland Open Studios! It was awesome!

So many people came by and talked to me about art! And watched me making art! And some people even purchased some old art!

Dang! How cool! I am so tired though. I wish I had some photos to post, but I was nonstop. It took me until 2 to eat lunch, I was so nonstop.

And now I think I will sleep, but I wanted to update this and say how much fun the day was, and how awesome tomorrow will be too!

I think tomorrow will be more busy, today wasn’t too busy. I expected like 200 more people to come, but I have never done this before. So I really don’t know. I’ve heard somewhere around 300 people per weekend, but there are 2 of us on the tour in my studio building, so I htought we’d get more crossover and have twice as many folks.

Not that I am complaining. I am not. I am just tired. So I am going to go get some sleep and get ready for another full day in the studio! I am so excited to be able to spend so much good time there. I love the art, and I love to talk to nice people! So it’s a great combination!

I hope all of you, readers, have a great sunday. If you are in town come see my studio! I’m #29 in the Portland Open Studios tourguide calendar.

Oh! Bedtime.

Happy beautiful October!


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