Portland Open Studios Day 2


Today was fun! It was slower than yesterday, people wise, but fun. I got some good work done, and talked about art with some folks. And I made 10 bucks. So that was good. That’s about $1.15 and hour. I get to buy something to eat for dinner. Yay happy hour!!!!

I love my studio. I just love it. What a great space to work in. I even love the train that goes by only 20 feet from my paintbrushes. I have such a wonderful community too. There are so many great folks that also work at the same studio. In case I didn’t mention this before, it’s called Switchyard Studios. We will have a group event in the spring, the space is still a little under construction. We need some floors that aren’t tretcherous and a few more walls. Oh the studio is just gorgeous when there are so many folks around. There is a juicy creative energy that is hard to describe. Sparkle!

And some of my friends came to visit yesterday too! Natalie St.John took some photos! I know, I haven’t had any pictures of myself making art, it’s usually a solitary process… so this whole studio being open stuff is really crazy for me! I like it. But it is crazy. I’m all like, “Welcome to my studio, come on in. I paint with acrylic paint and I mix the paint with water or clear acrylic medium. And I maybe sand or wash some of it off, then paint some more. I am trying for compressed depth of 100s of layers of drips. I most often paint on wood panels that I build myself.” Etc, etc, etc.

You’ve got to come visit to really see what I’m talking about.

Oh! I finished a painting today! I really love it! It’s got a lot of black in it. And is very abstract. Gorgeous. I will show you when you come over.

I’ll update some more next weekend. Please come on the tour if you are able. I’m number 29. Maggie Casey is a wonderful artist, also in Portland Open Studios, and works in my studio complex too. She is number 28. Follow the yellow signs from MLK or Grand. Also there will be red and yellow balloons around our front door!

Thanks so much for reading.


Katie Simpson Spain

PS Check out these photos of my space… don’t you want to come over next weekend! It’ll be fun!



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