Portland Open Studios day 4


Thanks so much everyone who came to see my studio! You all rocked my universe.

I was so happy to talk to you all, and to let you into my heart and world.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 4th day was the slowest, but I made the most money. I made back my entry fee, and enough to buy some food! Mmm! That is, I guess, the ultimate goal. Food and shelter. Yeah!

There was a bunch of interest in the sculpture I am working on. And I think quite a few folks will make it to the closing event of my installation next weekend.

I did sell things, I only sold art that was old and in a bargain bin. None of my current art. Bargain bin cards too. Old paintings. Tiny paintings.

Does that mean I should give up my current work? NO! My paintings are important historically and locally and culturally. They are an important piece of the current state of art in the world and of Portland. They are also beautiful and I love them. People liked them too, but nobody has any money right now for experimental painting. At least nobody I met. Darn abstract contemporary art. Sigh.

I will persist. I will be famous! Dang it!

Thank you for being part of the excitement!



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