poems from 2009

hey there,

i was just going through some stuff from 2009, well mostly a little journal from the end of that year. and i found some poems, they are probably not done. and i haven’t been very poemy in the last 10 years, though i was quite poemy before that. it’s still in there. hopefully it’ll help to put a few of them on the blog. so, these are not quite new, but at least they’re not from the 1990s, eh.

oh! i had an idea! i will start a new blog with only poems! yeah! that will be fun! and it’ll help me organize these things. and i’ll feel good about it.

right on…

here’s a link: http://katiesimpsonspain.wordpress.com/.

just one up so far!

i’ll put more there soon.


2 thoughts on “poems from 2009

  1. oh, so, now there are maybe 25 poems up there.
    i think you are spamming me jane? i have no romantic poetry (well, maybe a couple), if you are not, so you won’t be interested in it if your website is only love poems. but if not maybe?
    but for you other people who read this blog… there are so many up there now! i’m excited.
    they are still mostly old, but it’s a start.

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