tendonitis? yikes!


so, um, i have some kind of tendonitis or something. no doctor, no insurance, but i’ve done research about how to heal. so i haven’t been able to crochet for the past month or so.
i’m doing exercises, bracing, icing, anti-inflamitorying… but i’m still all messed up in the arm bits.

i have been able to paint. but in case you were wondering what happened to the sculptures, well, they are on hold for now.

i am sad. but it is better to take a break now so i can get more work done later. i don’t want my arms to quit. i have to make a living, and i have to get as much of the art into the world as i can. one way or another.

thanks for your support folks.
i hope the recovery speeds up so i can show you something new soon.



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