i love my new studio space!

i finally got the studio all organized (well, 80%, but that’s pretty good for a messy gal like me).

here are a few more photos!

it’s the best! i get great sunlight even! ah! and the train! i can even see into the dining car on the amtrak. and sometimes check out what’s being shipped north or south. it’s rather noisy, i’ll tell you what. the sound of the trains whistle is lovely from afar, but from 10 feet away it can be overwhelming.

here are a couple of new photos.

i’m super excited! if you’d like to have a studio visit to check out my art please let me know, we’ll schedule something.

best, katie

<- piece is @ olympic mills for the love show


2 thoughts on “i love my new studio space!

  1. A painting as graphic as the patch-work-quilt
    in a 4’X4′ would be perfect for above my desk.
    {For a year and them I’ll return it for another.
    I like your pink plant or tree above and below ground.
    I have an illustration here somewhere where in your youth the tree above ground is small with a big root base. As you get older the tree is much bigger with a much larger root base.
    Means something to do with knowledge and the size of your mustache.

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