It’s my birthday, and since I get to do whatever I want today I will blog about how it is my birthday!

I am now 31 years old. Actually, tonight I will be, officially.
But all day I get to do fun stuff because of it. And it’s supposed to be nice out even! And maybe even 67 degrees! Not rainy like my birthday usually is! Whee!

Last night I made cupcakes. Not the best cupcakes ever. But they’re modified cheapo box cake, and I added too much pineapple to them. No eggs either. Oh well. Maybe someone will eat them at the rollerskating party that will happen later this evening.

And now we’re waiting for my mom-in-law to come over. And we’ll go get something to eat at one of portland’s overly crowded breakfast restaurants. Fun! I wonder where we will go!

And earlier today I talked to the team that birthed me, my wonderful parents. And that was fun.

Also last night I stayed up to see if I changed when I became 31, and no, I’m still the same. That was a tactic I tried as a little kid, and I guess the laws of physics have stayed the same.

Hooray for 31! It’s supposed to be a good one, yeah? I’ve heard.

Thanks for being part of it folks!


New Work!

Oh gosh!

I have been so slowly chipping away at my upcoming show… I’ve been super excited about the medium… I posted before about it…

Lovely delicious texture. The kind of delicious you eat with your eyes (no mouth eating, it’s ground glass). And these plants, root and all. With washy acrylic coats.

I want to go work on those… maybe I will! I have an extra hour this morning. I was going to exercise, but maybe I can do both.

I love my studio, but am excited for when I can live where I work. The commute prevents me from going to the studio often enough, and in the evenings. And it can be creepy down by the tracks and riverbank at night. So much movement. The trains are very loud too, and there are chickens on the floor above us. Pretty much right above my space. They can be loud, especially the dude chickens.

Soon I will be working at Mizuna Gardens, a market garden that grows salad greens for fine restaurants. My studio is on the way home from there, so I will stop more often this summer and plan to put down daily paint.

Anyhow, I’m going to go get ready to do some of that now…

Here are some pictures of paintings that are not done. Please keep in mind their non-done-ness when you see them.

weeds in the sun by the railroad tracks.

those mural pictures i promised


so, i promised that i’d give you some photos of the murals i did for that awesome family…
here they are. there are some blurry photos, i’m not a pro, and given low light and over caffination i didn’t do a very good job with the photos.

notice… the pooh and pokemon were done over 2 years ago, and the linework is much less steady! i’ve improved so much!

so, these are all spot murals, all children’s lit. or cartoon characters, and all in a family home. they were all very fun, and pretty quick (as these things go).
thanks for looking!