It’s my birthday, and since I get to do whatever I want today I will blog about how it is my birthday!

I am now 31 years old. Actually, tonight I will be, officially.
But all day I get to do fun stuff because of it. And it’s supposed to be nice out even! And maybe even 67 degrees! Not rainy like my birthday usually is! Whee!

Last night I made cupcakes. Not the best cupcakes ever. But they’re modified cheapo box cake, and I added too much pineapple to them. No eggs either. Oh well. Maybe someone will eat them at the rollerskating party that will happen later this evening.

And now we’re waiting for my mom-in-law to come over. And we’ll go get something to eat at one of portland’s overly crowded breakfast restaurants. Fun! I wonder where we will go!

And earlier today I talked to the team that birthed me, my wonderful parents. And that was fun.

Also last night I stayed up to see if I changed when I became 31, and no, I’m still the same. That was a tactic I tried as a little kid, and I guess the laws of physics have stayed the same.

Hooray for 31! It’s supposed to be a good one, yeah? I’ve heard.

Thanks for being part of it folks!



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