art art art

hi folks!
i just wanted to post a quick hello…

i just started a new job, on the best little salad farm in oregon, mizuna gardens in warren. so i’ve been busy!
it’s a commute, and i work long days, so i’m not home too much. not enough to blog regularly.

but i’m still making art, of course.
and i will continue this for the rest of my life!
i’m still working on paintings in that series i posted about last time. similar content. plants, mostly weeds.

i just did a large (well, 4 by 2 feet, tall) of a beet! it’s deliciously lovely.
and there are some other new ones in process.
just working on the august launch pad gallery show. i also plan to have an art book there for sale! so i’ve been working on that too!

well! i hope you are all doing well! and i will post again soon with some photos.

katie pie