Hey, I’m having an art show next week!

Hello there, wonderful people!
How are you doing this lovely summer?

Me, well, I’m so good! I’ve got a show coming up next friday, I want to invite you. These are brand new paintings!

The show is at Launch Pad Gallery, that’s 534 SE Oak Street (Portland, 97214).

It runs from August 6th through August 28th, with an opening event on First Friday August 6th – from 6 pm to 12 am.
Come over for some artviewing, music, snacks (including amazing salad from Mizuna Gardens), & come hang out with me!

The closing reception will be on Saturday August 28th, from 2 to 4 pm… come over, we can drink coffee together.

The gallery is open wednesday through saturday from 12 to 4 pm. I’ll be making a few saturday appearances too, if you’d like to meet me over there please get in touch and we’ll plan it.

My website has the info all fancy like. (http://www.katiespain.com). Launch Pad’s website has more information as well. (http://www.launchpadgallery.org).

Thank you so much for your support!

Love, sparkles, & heartlight,
Katie Simpson Spain


soooo, it’s hot here in portland, oregon.
super hot.
and, as you may or may not know – i am a farmer.
today i was part of a team effort to harvest 66 (+) pounds of salad. i worked from 7:30 am to 4, and this included washing and mixing salad. it also included laying down under a walnut tree and eating salad for lunch.
i now feel very tired.
that is my story.
i wanted to record it here for your reading pleasure, if you take pleasure in such things.
and tomorrow some of the best restaurants in portland will receive the salad mix.
it is fucking amazing salad, fyi. here is the farms website!
if you are in portland you should check out some of the restaurants on the list on there. so you can try the salad.
it’s famous.
unlike me.
ok, i am going to go lay on the hardwood floor now, maybe it’s colder than the air.
heatwave + salad farming = nap time.

mmm salad! the best on earth!

the best salad in the world.

art show statement

hi folks,

i just had a show, you may know, and it was pretty fun. not well attended, but i didn’t do a great job of advertising, and neither did the venue. so that’s what happens. even though it was pretty much in the middle of the portland first thursday artwalk area. also it was freaking pouring. since apparently oregon has monsoon season now.

anyhow, i wrote a quick statement right before putting the show up and posted it at the show. i had maybe 15 abstract landscape paintings up, and some friends and strangers came to see them. very fancy. also there were beauty queens there, from out of town, who took my photo with them in front of the paintings. they were very nice, and who knows – maybe i’ll get to be in some beauty queen travel slideshow somewhere. yay!

my friend, jo, went to the show and commented on how much she liked my statement. she said it was worded well and honest. thank you jo!!!!!!

so i figured i ought to post it. here you go:

These paintings are about oregon. They are full of the water and motion that make our environment so lush.

These paintings are about our landscape. About movement and stasis, the way water travels in its many forms. They are about growth, about lifes cycles.

These paintings are portland, they were painted near the banks of the willamette river, for you. well, i guess i painted them for me too. Anyways that’s most of it. The rest is in our hearts.

Thank you for this.