soooo, it’s hot here in portland, oregon.
super hot.
and, as you may or may not know – i am a farmer.
today i was part of a team effort to harvest 66 (+) pounds of salad. i worked from 7:30 am to 4, and this included washing and mixing salad. it also included laying down under a walnut tree and eating salad for lunch.
i now feel very tired.
that is my story.
i wanted to record it here for your reading pleasure, if you take pleasure in such things.
and tomorrow some of the best restaurants in portland will receive the salad mix.
it is fucking amazing salad, fyi. here is the farms website!
if you are in portland you should check out some of the restaurants on the list on there. so you can try the salad.
it’s famous.
unlike me.
ok, i am going to go lay on the hardwood floor now, maybe it’s colder than the air.
heatwave + salad farming = nap time.

mmm salad! the best on earth!

the best salad in the world.

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