experiment involving berry liqueur

hi people!

so, now that my art show’s up and the opening is over… i have been doing non-art things!

like later today my husband and i will travel from one park to another along the sandy river in an inflatable kayak.

and i’ve been toying with putting up liqueurs for the winter.

berries this time of year are amazing, and i often want them in winter, but end up eating mostly toast and pot pies.

and i’m interested in fun, tasty things.

so i found a few recipes online and am messing around with berry liqueurs.

i had an amazing pear liqueur made by my friend renee… from pears she grew. that was a big part of my inspiration.

so this week i put up one blackberry vodka based liqueur, one blackberry/blueberry/spice vodka/brandy based liqueur, one cucumber blueberry borage vodka based liqueur, and a teeny one with just borage, sugar and vodka (this one maybe is more of a tincture as it’s about 1/2 a cup).

fun times!

i’m not a big drinker, especially in winter, but it’ll be fun to have summer flavors later in the year. some little bit of sunshine in the rainy oregon winter months.

apparently they’ll be best in december or some such.

if you are interested in making things to drink here is a great web resource by gunther anderson. also there are lots of oldschool recipes, so ask your grandma – she might surprise you.

i’ll let you know how things go with this…


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