oh it’s winter again!

hi friends!

it’s winter, i guess, dang.

and i realized that i hadn’t posted a blog forever. i mean FOREVER.

but i’ve been working on the salad farm (yes, but soon it will be too cold!), and starting to do more managery stuff at my amazing studio (www.switchyardstudios.org – i know, no one posted anything on that website for a year, but we are still kickin!).

that is interesting work, as i am organized, have nonprofit experience (effectively what the switchyard is), and am excited about the community there.

and otherwise i’ve just been working on a comic book, which i will tell you about later. and poems. and a bunch of self portraits (gearing up to paint other people). and a bit of assemblage sculpture (diorama style)… my usual 10000 things at once. oh, i applied for an installation in a very cool public building. i’ll let you know if i get in! i get rejected for art things a lot, so don’t cross your fingers yet.

oh, and i am part of a show that’s up at launch pad gallery right now! you’ve got until the end of the month to see it… go see it! please. it’s called facing fear and it is amazing! so many awe inspiring art pieces! i did a very small wall mounted diorama for it… i can’t explain it, you’ll have to see. www.launchpadgallery.org

oh, halloween was fun too! i was pippi longstalking, and i made a reasonable variation of her apron to wear… i will, of course, wear it until it wears out. i LOVE pippi longstalking. the apron wasn’t too hard. i got a pattern for a similar apron and altered it a little. it’s not exactly her apron, but i’ll make a more accurate one later if i need to… i finally figured out how to do it! i figured it out after halloween. ha! that is how things are sometimes.

otherwise i’m just working hard.

i’ll update this more soon, i promise!

i plan to make an ebay store for art this month, and will post about that experience soon. also the other fun stuff!



3 thoughts on “oh it’s winter again!

  1. Today really did feel like winter! I’ve got a huge, glowing fire crackling in the fireplace right now. It’s lovely.

    We missed the opening of Facing Fear, but will definitely stop by before it’s gone. I can’t wait to see what you created!

    And a comic book?? Can’t wait to hear more about this! P & I are huge graphic novel fans. Remember that tall bookshelf we were talking about? Our graphic novel collection is just one of the many things that end up there. šŸ˜‰

    Pippi Longstocking! Pictures, I say!

    Good luck with everything you are up to. You are inspiring!

    • Hi Terra!
      Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!!
      Hee hee!
      I love making costumes.
      Next year I’m going to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I’ll probably buy that outfit… but the next year (Xena?) I’ll make another one.

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