boxing day


today is boxing day. i didn’t do much, really.
sleeping, eating, sleeping more, i watched “poetic justice” (its good!, you should stream it on netflix. don’t forget to swoon when you get to look at Tupac’s dreamy eyes), and some organizing things from the previous day (mass x). oh and several rounds of doing dishes from the cooking extravaganza that was xmas.

pretty good day. didn’t make any art or poems. but i’m not posting my poems on here anyways, so maybe you don’t know about that… whoops, nevermind. i’ll tell you when i have a book or magazine publish. otherwise that’s a top secret mission.

i’m going to take up roller skating soon. i really miss the exercise of farming, in this cold cold off season. i have been so antsy, and walking and situps are not satiating these “rototiller urges”. so i will take to the rink! i need to get my own skates, but all will happen in good time. there is only so much money at once here. yes, i will get used skates. yikes.

and i’ve been poking around at grad school application stuff. finding the schools to apply to, getting things as ready as i can. eh. it makes me nervous, the deadlines are so close. and i need to do a lot for each school.
but things will happen. some things. yes.

otherwise today i am just hanging out. think i’ll go to sleep early. but i wanted to post something, since it’s been a bit, and i’ve mostly posted about art shows and openings and sales and such.

now you know some of the bits.

thanks for your interest!

soon i’ll let you in on some more juicy tidbits from my world.

love, katie

ps actually i think i’m going to draw for a bit now.


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