grad school dreams

well, i suppose i could actually call this post “grad school drool” – as i am drooling over the lovely possibilities. also that rhymes better.

i just turned in an application (well, mailed it) and my fingers are crossed. i want to go! i want to learn things! and learn how to teach things. art things of course.

ok, i’ll work on more applications. and then hopefully get in somewhere. and go to school again! it’s been a while.

but in the mean time i am going to have some dinner, and possibly try to go to sleep too early for me to tell you (without embarrassing myself, the night owl). one clue… single digit.

oog. my goodness. it made me so tired! i nearly had a nap at the post office. i hope all of that work pays off. dang.

ok! i will forage in the cupboards now.

xoxo k

the cat wants an mfa!


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