Commission photo update, and stuff

Hey there!

I’m posting a couple of update photos of the commission I’m working on…

And I wanted to thank everyone who came to the yard sale. It was fun, and I got rid of a bunch of stuff. So that was good.

Still no one wanted those weird ceramic fairy sculptures I made in the 1990s.. big surprise (sarcastically) and a few other gems I was sure would fly out the door.

Saturday was very successful, but sunday I made 12 dollars and some sketchy guy tried to steal my purse while his girlfriend diverted me by trying to get free shoes out of me. So, in the future, I’ll just do saturdays. All in all it was good though.

And my arm is healing well, and I’m farming a lot (extra), and I’m nannying 2 awesome, sweet kids temporarily… not much work at the school, but hopefully soon.

That’s my story. So here are the pictures of that painting. I think it’ll be done by next weekend, when I get to go to my next yoga class and deliver it! Yay!!!!!!

Bless you!


PS The painting says, “No noble, well-grown tree ever disowned it’s dark roots, for it grows not only upwards but downwards as well.” C. Jung

Studio Yard Sale, & class gearing up to start

Happy nearly June!

I wanted to let you know that my studio, Switchyard, will be having a huge yard sale this weekend. It’s going to be on Saturday and Sunday, the 28th and 29th from 9 am to 4 pm both days. There will be several artists involved, lot’s of households. Some are going to grad school and trying to pare down, and some are doing spring cleaning. There will be all sorts of great stuff. Bikes, furniture, a 1960s drum kit, a paintbrush costume, huge custom antique JBL PA speakers w/ cabinets, stereo equipment, art supplies, art… most of my section of the sale costs a dollar. Oh, and there will be a fantastic free box corner.
The address is 109 SE Salmon Street. We’ll have one of the loading docks open, you’ll see it!

I also wanted to let you know that the drawing class I’m teaching at Crow Manor is starting in a bit over a week. If you or someone you know wants to take the class, there are still spots to sign up for. will get you to the signing up part.

Thank you again for your continued support. You are wonderful!


commission progress

Hi Folks!

Here are a few photos of the painting I’m working on. Progress pictures are always fun.

It’s a commission, well sort of, it’s actually a trade, for yoga classes. They’re awesome classes! And the instructor is wonderful and helpful. And as I’m unable to do yoga right now, because of my arm., it’s on hold for a minute. But I miss it! And I’ll probably continue with one day a week after the trade is over. I LOVE it!

So I’ve been working on this painting, since I’m healing from those darned stitches and my arm is now smaller by an inch or so (ahhh!) I’ve been unable to do things. Thank goodness the hole is in my left arm and I’m right handed.

I’ll post more update photos soon. I’m making pretty good progress, but I’ve got a lot of painting to do still!

PS I’ll be ok really soon. I’m just not supposed to do things for a bit. Things I do for work. Like pick heavy things up and move my arm a lot. But it’s been a few days so I’m feeling better. I didn’t think it’d hurt as much as it did! I am feeling at least 50% better after only a few days, and I’m assuming it’s exponential. So I’ll feel just fine by next week, fingers crossed.

growing things

Hey friends,

Sooo, I have started working on the salad the farm again! I’m excited. It’s really fun. I love being out in the country and taking care of those plants. I’ve got the growing things itch now too. So I started a small garden in the teeny space of my apartment stoop.

It all started when Renee gave me some culinary herbs in pots for my birthday. That was so nice! I’ve been nibbling them for a couple of weeks now. Deliciousness! Last year I grew tiny basil and chives on my stoop, but being given established herbs started me thinking about growing more! I seeded some basil (it hasn’t started yet… it’s working on it – I hope it hurries, I want to get it in some more soil.)

And I started a tiny succulent garden in a pretty white glass dish I got at a rummage sale. I’ve been walking around the neighborhood a lot lately and I pinched one or two succulents from overgrown medians and sidewalk cracks and such. I did this with some pretty moss too, a gift for someone (top secret).

And today I got strawberry plants, on sale, at a grocery store. I hope they grow!

I hope they all grow! I’m anxious for the basil to sprout. It’s not new seed, so it might not work. It’s been a week, so it should be doing it any time now.

That’s my news. I’m getting over a cold, but haven’t been called in to sub this week anyhow, so it’s cool. I’ve been laying low. And tomorrow I have a small surgery to get an almost-cancer on my arm removed. I’m kind of nervous. And I won’t be able to move my arm enough for a couple of weeks (stitches above my deltoid), which makes me even more nervous. I am sure I’ll be fine. But I like to do things, it’ll be hard for me to sit still.

Yes, updates! For you!

I’m doing a commission, which I will work on in my time off. Heck, I’ll have the use of one arm at least. And I will post photos of my progress on here. I’ve got the surface built and prepped, so I’ll get to do the fun part soon! Painting! Well, I guess I like all of the parts. But I truly like the painting part most.

Ok, I’m going to go eat some strawberries and do some laundry. And in case you wanted to see: here are some photos of my little garden.

Open Ways!


I am featured in the Beltane issue of Open Ways!

Dreamy! I am excited and surprised that I got to be the featured artist. Some of my art and poems are in there. Honored! Dang!

Happy actual spring, friends.

Ok, I have to get ready to work on the farm.