Painting done! And new beginnings!


Sooo, below is a photo of the finished Jung tree painting.

I have been so busy the yoga has taken a backseat. But I will do it again, for real. It’s so good!

I’ve been working on the salad farm a lot! Extra! Things are going very well there, now that the sun has decided to come out (thank goodness. Last June was so rainy). Lots of planting and planning to do.

I’ve also been working as a nanny, temporarily, for an awesome family. I’m working with 2 children, 1 1/2 and 3 1/2, who are sweet, smart and excellent. We draw, read, walk, garden, and do that other good stuff… like eating strawberries!

And that gives me little time to sub at the preschool. Sad! I miss it there. I’ve had a few odd shifts, here and there, and I do have some scheduled work there. So that’s good.

And I’ve been planning something HUGE and good! I’ll spill the beans in a different blog. I just wanted to update the commission progress, and other June type things.

It’s nice here, in Portland, in early summer. It’s been cool and a little cloudy. Pretty much perfect weather. What a beautiful town Portland is. It’s changed so much since I’ve moved here. 13 years ago. It seems like such a long time. Well, it is.

Anyhow, have a good night, people.


Upwards & Downwards

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