New Yawrk


I’m here! In New York! In West Harlem. It’s totally hot!

Hot in several ways… the one way where it’s hot s**t, and the way where it’s pushing 100 today, and tomorrow is supposed to be above that. Other hot ways, I am sure. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’m just getting used to things, and waiting for packages a lot. We received 1/2 of the stuff we sent ourselves, but 1/2 should come in the next few days. Friday or monday.

But there was the getting rid of 1/2 of the belongings, and the getting friends and family to keep a bunch of it safe for us.

Moving was hard. Very hard. Leaving the family and friends especially. It doesn’t feel quite real yet.

But now, here we are in the city, without chairs. Working on it, but still – you get the idea. I’m sitting on a yoga mat.

Ok, just wanted to post a quickie update.

I feel like I’ll feel all moved when the last box comes, and when we get a table and chairs, and a couch. I would like a small desk too, since I will have homework. So it might be a minute.

Cool beans! Happy days to you! Time for a bath!



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