New Studio


I have a new studio, at school.

It’s kind of magical and haunted looking. I love it. Its on the top of a gothic building with curved green tiled hallways. I have a studio mate who I haven’t met yet. But otherwise it’s just 2 of us in a big divided room. I have my own skylight.

It has kind of a funny story. We had a lottery, drawing numbers from an envelope, to chose studios. Before this we went around to 10 different studios to see them before we had to decide. Most of them are in the main art area, pretty much in the middle of stuff. They’re in a big room with lots of studios off a central chill area. They have windows and are modern looking. The other studios are in a different building. Up several flights of steps (unless you take the elevator). They are down a narrow curved hallway. There were only a few available up there. One of them was locked and the person with the key wasn’t there. But it was touted to be pretty much the same as the other ones in that area – but with one studio mate instead of two like the other ones, which also had either no skylight and no windows. Well one of them had a skylight.

So we went and drew numbers. I got #1! And I weighed my options. For years I’ve worked in big communal type studios. I love it, but I felt like trying something different for a bit. And sometimes being friendly and in an area with cool people who are making interesting things is distracting. Even though I couldn’t see the studio with a skylight and only one studiomate – I really liked the area it was in. So I chose it! It took me too long. I wasn’t ready to decide, and I drew #1 somehow. But I think I made a good choice.

Then when I finally got the key it turned out that people had been using the room for storage for almost a year. There was so much stuff in there! Lots of stuff! And it was very dusty. And there was so much mouse poop, since someone a long time ago had used the space to make art out of food, and left the art when they left.

So I cleaned a little, then there was a hurricane. So the school was closed, as was the public transportation, and it was a weekend. Then this morning I got there right before someone who had been charged with cleaning the space out. I began to organize the piles and he got there. Actually 2 people, who the bulk of the stuff belonged to. The guy who came to help knew who’s stuff was who’s and saved some in case people wanted to use it. And left some of it for me, because I wanted it. I thought I’d be able to use more of it – but lots of it belonged to people. He took it outside and dealt with it while I swept and “mopped” using plain water and a papertowels (with my foot). Anyhow, it’s all cleaned out now – I was there most of the day working on it. I’m glad to have had so much time to do that today, since classes were canceled because of hurricane aftermath stuff. Tomorrow I will have my first class.

The studio feels like a castle turret. It’s pretty private, although there are people from my program working nearby. One of them, who helped remove the storage situation, helped me get a chair in a crazy room full of stuff. Like Hogwarts “Room of Requirement”, but with half broken furniture, big rat footprints and mold.

Here are some pictures.

personal skylight

shadow of skylight

pile of mouse poop during cleanup

looking out my studio door

the stairway to the tower

the other skylight, the flying buttress


cleaning 100 year old dust off my new throne


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