i am in love with stumptown coffee roasters


look, i’m trying a new format! inserting pictures into the text! do you like it? let me know… i am used to putting them all at the end, but this seems exciting, and more like a story book. which is good, in my mind.

detail of new tunnel drawing, in process

today i took a long and meandering (ok, i got lost a couple of times) trip to red hook, brooklyn to get burlap coffee sacks from stumptown‘s roasting center of nyc. well, it’s a warehouse with some nice guys in it… but it’s the center, seriously. the damn center.

hay bales and scaffolding in chelsea

before that i went to chelsea to see a show i needed to see for one of my classes (and a couple more shows). oh sweet chelsea. so much work, there is so much good work there. i wish i’d had more time. but i will go next week, of course (i go every week, it’s helpful and fun). i also went to a quilting store to get thread for my project involving burlap.

then i took the train over to carol gardens. such a pretty neighborhood, where my friend robin used to live. i walked over to the industrial quiet red hook neighborhood where stumptown brews their delicious beans. i’d emailed and called ahead to make sure it was ok for me to go in – and figure out where it was. everyone i corresponded with was great, so i went in today – i have the day off of school for rosh hashanah. and i really needed that burlap! oh and it’s gorgeous, by the way.

sculpture sketches, in the works

there were no markings on the building to let me know it was actually stumptown but i had the address and saw guys with bags of coffee inside so i knew i was in the right spot.

oh sweet stumptown! everyone within the roasting facility was awesome. so many nice guys! making such good coffee! so good! ahhh! i love them. they offered me more burlap sacks than i could actually carry. so many, gorgeous burlap sacks! i had to leave some behind, ok i had to leave a lot. i think i might go back there soon, if i need more burlap. also i’d like to show the fellas that work there some pictures of the sculptures (if they’re any good). or bring them cookies. both?

111, governor's island, nyc, nearish red hook

i wish i weren’t so bad with names. the main guy was amazing, and i am a dork and can’t ever remember anyones name. really. well, if you’ve met me you know this already. especially if it took me 8 times to remember, and if it did i sincerely apologize. it is the way my brain works, it’s not you.

anyhow, i asked if i could buy some coffee there – they don’t sell it, so he just gave me a bit. and he knew what i meant by “caramely or dark” of course, since that’s his job. it’s my new favorite! so good! i keep making people smell the beans! ok, only myself, ┬ástudio-mate, and sweetheart, but still. if there were more people around they’d have to smell those lovely guatemala santa clara beans.

anyhow, i love them! love stumptown! solid! they just toss those burlap sacks out at the end of the day anyhow, i am so going back there! and i’ll bring my cart next time! and i’ll be ready by reading the directions more clearly before i go out into the world. and maybe i’ll bring a map? not that i have a good one. but i could get one, right.

hot burlap

i’ve included some pictures of the burlap, some drawing i’ve been doing, some hay i saw in chelsea, other things i’ve seen lately, and some things i’ve been working on. those paper sculptures are in the family of what i’ll be making from the burlap. but bigger. mmmm. burlap. it’s so pretty when it’s been used. that scuffed ink, it makes me delirious! ahhh, i love texture. hmm.



do this please, come on now!

sculpture sketches, paper and string.

quote of the day

“This is true, without any possible doubt – I am quite positive: – an optical sensation is produced in our visual organs which allows us to classify the planes represented by colour sensations as light, half tone, or quarter light. Light, therefore, does not exist for the painter.”
Paul Cezanne, from a letter to Emile Bernard, 1904

I just wanted to share that. I have sensations in my visual organs too! Whoops, I maybe am doing homework too late at night to retain any of the reading… oh well, I will finish this part.

art, that’s why i’m here.


i am here because of art. art. i just wanted to clarify that. i think you probably already know. but i was talking to someone i don’t know the other day – who raised some valid questions. yes, i have some complicated goals. ultimately though it’s art that’s been at the engine of my life, and i have no choice, i cannot stop it.

thank goodness i’ve got some good people to go along with all of this art. yay!

but it’s the art that brought me here.

ok, thanks!