Kokedama sorta update…

Hello friendly people!
Also hello grouchies!

Look I’m making sort of kokedama type stuff and trying to work out how to make sculpture out of it! I had some soil trouble and had to go all over town to find what I wanted, (oh new york and your gorgeous fickle floral district) but it seems to be working. I’ll update again soon when things change/grow!

I’m writing this from my phone… so maybe it looks weird (this is my 1st phone posted blog ever)! That’s where the pictures of this project are, the phone. So I made some regular hanging (and one sitting) kokedama and a couple of “pots” to sprout food plants in. And worked on making other shapes, mostly just the phallic one below (I took it apart after I took a picture, wasn’t solid enough). And thought about armature – which I worked on some too. Hence the pvc and copper pipe (thanks to my old studio mate who left some good supplies).

Here are the little guys so far. I really hope I can keep them healthy. It feels weird to wrap the roots in moss, I feel like I’m squishing the poor things, but that’s how it works in all of the instructions I’ve seen. Fingers crossed.

You will notice that these plants are not edibles. I’m coming to terms with my lack of light, and working on solutions, but for now I chose some indoor growers and think this might work better for this kind of project. I am in love with ferns, so started there (and with something claiming to be an angel plant – since I need some spiritual guidance anyhow). But I will update soon with more progress…

Thanks! Ttys!










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