I’m back in new york again!
My cat is happy to see me, and my sweetie, and the coastal contrasts are still very fresh!
I live here! Wow! And yes, it smells like that! Hah (eww)!
I drew and sewed a today, working on some machine sewn drawings – time consuming so I have no pictures yet. Also worked on painting and drawing some new book pages, and getting ready to move my studio to another building. Not quite as haunted. My work has been black on black lately. Very different from that literally glowing series I did in 2011 with reflective glass beads in the paint. There is some crazy light action when you look close though. Graphite over india ink is delicious, I’ll have you know. I worked this way a while back, in my landscape days. Nightscapes.
Anyhow, I am here again! So I am going to make sure I am as here and now as I can be. And, like my pop said I should do when we parted at the airport… I’m going to give ’em some hardcore california!
Here is a picture of my sweet blurry happy cat making biscuits!
Love, K


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