Easty Times (not easy times).

My second year of grad school starts tomorrow. I can’t believe it!

Yeah, here is a post in which I’m making up for the coming months, in which I will barely have enough time for eating nutritionally helpful things, let alone time to blog.

I recently heard a term which might describe that period (between sept 1 and dec 21)… crapalanche. It will just be overwhelming, not bad. The busy times are coming. Apologies in advance for any grumpitude I may display.

Anyhow, the other day (monday, they are actually open mondays!) I went to MoMA and saw some great art, embroidered flags, interactive fabric (scheduled) sculptures folded into bundles that had great washy drawn diagrams, quay brothers dioramas, and a bunch of stuff I had never seen before. Here is a link but I’m doing this in the telephone way so you will have to poke around the website: http://www.moma.org/m#exhibition1238.

And the days before that I was in Connecticut, camping and being soggy and then staying at a hotel on the coast. It was gorgeous, so I wanted to share a few pictures.

The stone walls impressed me, as a west coaster, these 300 year old walls from the settling/logging/farming of this coast back in the 1700s. The forest has grown back in much of the area, but the old stone walls are still there, marking old property lines. Slowly crumbling.

Gorgeousness everywhere in this world.

So here we go! Into deep thoughts and my best damn work. And I hope your fall is wonderful and warm.











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