Fun With Artscool!


School is going well! The second week was fun, a little hectic but thats just fine. And my new gallery internship is great so far! The first opening was great! I sort of knew 2 of the artists already, and it was fun to see them. And it was great to meet lots of new awesome people.

A little while ago I made a bag for my yoga mat so I could bring it to school. I’ve been practicing meditation as much as I can… I need to learn some balance with this so I brought a mat with me so I could do it in the studio! I made a lavender & sage eye pillow to go with it!

I didn’t use a pattern, I learned how not to from my grandma on my moms side. Eyeballed it! It totally worked and I’m including pictures of all of the pieces and steps in case you also are an eyeballer. It didn’t take very long to make, overall.

I get crazy multiday headaches and for other reasons it seemed like a good time to start a meditation practice. So, here I go!

Here are some pictures of my cat helping me make the yoga mat bag! Also he is doing some yoga.

I’ll post some pictures of new art soon, and some info about the awesome gallery I’m interning for.










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