Scout Patches


I’ve been working on scout patches lately. Yeah, patches scout kids get for accomplishing specific tasks. Thinking about the kinds of rituals modern humanity has in its dealings with nature. I’ve also been doing all kinds of drawings, prints and sculpture about camping and other ways people try to wrangle nature. What keeps us safe, what keeps us dry? How do we navigate?

Speaking of, I just picked up a couple of waterworn bricks down by the east river today too, I’ll get some more soon, hopefully from the Hudson. I will get some from the long island sound, and the Atlantic. It’s going to happen, just maybe on thanksgiving, when I have more than one day off, in which to do homework, shopping, laundry and sleeping. I am going to do something good with these bricks! The magic of nature wearing away the stuff people have spent so much time doing. Ahhh!

Here are some pictures of the scout patches so far. The first one is done, I think, it’s a patch you’d get if you’d been swallowed by dark woods. The second is totally not done… Its a patch you’d get after a treetop star gazing marathon.

There will be more!!!

I’ll let you know what happens! It’s fun to embroider again, oh sweet sewn drawing, and to think of new scenarios which would merit patch winning.




Life Never Waits, in the Crown Heights Film Festival!


The movie I made earlier this year, Life Never Waits, has been accepted to the Crown Heights Film Festival!

The film will show in Brooklyn, in Crown Heights.

November 4th it’ll be on the big screen, it’s a Sunday! At 2 pm come to FiveMyles, 558 St. John’s Place, Brooklyn (2, 3, 4, 5 to Franklin) and is part of the festival section for younger people (well, it’s got sculpture/puppets that look like toys and is not ‘adult themed’ so that’s cool with me dude…).

Here is a link to the film festival page:

And here is a link to a post about it on the CCNY MFA blog!

If you can, come see it on the big screen!

Thanks for your support!


A still from ‘life never waits’… want to see it huge and moving? Come to the Crown Heights Film Festival!


I am having a hard time leaving the bed, it’s cold and I have been sick for more than 2 weeks. But the apartment is getting warm because the radiators were turned on, and I have to go to the gallery, so I will get up. Soon.

I realized it’d been a while since I posted. The show reception was great! Some awesome friends came and I stayed out late and hung out with friends from school. It was great!

The show looked really good. I’ll post pictures soon.

Ok I have to get out of bed. Here is a picture of the inside of a sculpture I’m working on!


This Thursday, In Between!

You’re invited to In Between, a group show featuring recent individual works by members of the MFA Studio Art class of 2013: Sasha Cohen, Andrea Coronil, Gayla Martin, Shannon McBride, Katie Simpson Spain, and Alison White.

Dates: September 24th through October 5th in Compton-Goethals Art Gallery. Compton Goethals Hall, The City College of New York! w 140th and Broadway, on the 1, a, c and d lines.

Reception: This Thursday, October 4th from 5pm to 8pm.