I am having a hard time leaving the bed, it’s cold and I have been sick for more than 2 weeks. But the apartment is getting warm because the radiators were turned on, and I have to go to the gallery, so I will get up. Soon.

I realized it’d been a while since I posted. The show reception was great! Some awesome friends came and I stayed out late and hung out with friends from school. It was great!

The show looked really good. I’ll post pictures soon.

Ok I have to get out of bed. Here is a picture of the inside of a sculpture I’m working on!



2 thoughts on “Saturday!

  1. Can’t wait to see the sculpture! Hope you feel better soon!! Luckily everyone delivers in NYC so you don’t have to leave the warm apt 🙂

    • Sarah sarah hi!!!! Yay! Well I’m in a chilly gallery, but it’s nice here, so it’s all good. Being sick is so distracting. I’m totally staying inside tomorrow though. Homeworkville! Hope you are well and hope to see you soon!!!

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