work (art)


So recently a new friend asked me about my work… i directed her to my blog, but as you can see my artwork is all mixed up with other stuff on here.

Good point, rad lady!

Fortunately I just took some decent pictures of some of my work, to apply for something, so I have newish pictures handy. Here are examples of what I’ve been doing lately. These are mostly pieces that fit together into an installation.

Since I am in the midst of this thing I don’t really have great pictures to show how they fit together. There will be a book also. And a video. Also I have a killer headache so I am not very organized today. So, without further pause, here is some of what i’ve been making. I had some trouble with the technology here – but the headache makes me just want to post and fix it later – so I will.

Here also is a cruddy image script with only titles, might make it easier: 1 – m friendship bracelet; 2 – rope friendship bracelet; 3 – stones; 4 – flashlight; 5 – marshmallow; 6 – smoke/moon patch; 7 – tent ghosts; 8 – ghosts; 9 – flashlight beam; 10 – tarp tent.

M Friendship Bracelet

M Friendship Bracelet










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