I graduated, went to ceremonies and parties, finished and started projects and went to my last grad school classes. I had my last crits until I have them with my friends outside of school, or teach and lead them. I won a prize and got good grades. I drank lots of seltzer and grew peas out of the empty bottles. I went to galleries, roofs, parks, had my 1st pedicure, accidentally broke a lot of things and danced so hard I fell down.
Now what?

Work and artwork and hopefully travel.
Let’s go!

I’m a master!


PS Here are some random pictures for fun! I really want adventure! If you can help me with that part please let me know. For example go with me to a cemetery, take me on a road trip, get me to the beach. I am broke but I want to go do things! Lets go.











Print that!

Heyyyy! How’re you?

This last term of grad school had been so crazy fun! A million things at a million miles an hour. A million! Yep.

Through all the other good stuff I’ve been working in a group printing an edition of fancy prints for awesome artist Nicola Lopez. Its part of a cool program at city college called City Editions led by masterprintmaker genius Megan Foster. Nicola Lopez has a fantastic show up at Pace Prints right now which you should see if you can! Wonderful prints that push the media in exciting directions. Look her up! The project I’ve been working on combines woodblocks, etching, collage and embossing, and will culminate in 2 prints, in editions. It’s been really fun and a great experience to learn how printshops produce editions with artists. A totally different methodology than just printing for oneself. But the efficiency I’ve honed through this certainly crosses over into the prints I am making in my own practice. Also I have made some really good friends! And will help more artists print because of this! So it’s like the best thing ever.

I’ve been really excited about printmaking lately! I got to TA a great relief (lino mostly) class for Carl Fudge who’s paintings and prints you need to look up! He and the class were wonderful! I loved working with those people, lots of great prints came out if that class and the smart students! Also I’ve been pulling 2×4 prints! What I mean by that is I carve and print 2×4 boards. I also have done large plywood, and am working on another board (the dimensions of which is around 1x12x40). I have to hand print them, so they take a while, and muscle, and its been awesome. I use the print shop at City when no one else is around and listen to loud music, it’s really fun!!!

In fact I just finished another 2×4 print today! This one is called ‘The roadtrip we’ll take’. It’s 4 layer combo of reduction and multiple block goodness.


I am so tired and need to finish up one of the last assignments I will have in this school. I really want to go to the beach soon, so I need to finish up a bunch of things! Also graduating, ummm, yeah.

Oh my broccoli is ready! You take care alright!


the roadtrip





wow! dang!


Hey guess what, I’m almost done with grad school…
Dang! That was fast and slow at once.

And I am so glad I’m here (well, I get to use the studio until July, and I’m not quite in finals yet). Yes. Grad school was completely great, I am also glad to be nearly done with it. Hmmm.

I’m going to miss being in the same room with my studio mates, 7 rad women, for like 12 hours a day. After a year in there (I had an isolated castle studio the year before, with just one awesome studio mate who had a pretty different schedule from mine) they are my best friends and community and it will be very weird not to get completely whacked out on making art and hang out with them all the time.

Here is a new print I’m super excited about! I’m using 2x4s! Very fun! Just finished this one on monday and I’m working up to printing a second over the weekend, though i still have to cut some of one of the boards, it should be done early next week. It’s a 2 block print, with some reduction, 3 colors but some rainbow roll goodness in there. It’s called Smog/Valleys.

Check out to see more of my recent prints!

I hope all is well out in the world. And with you, wherever you are.

I am all hyper from working on a self portrait video about how I only make labor intensive repetitious artwork. I’m pretty excited about it, but will edit it some and need to retake a few parts because of lighting before I put it up online. You shall see, soon. I love LOVE love repetition. So much!

Ok I am going to try to sleep.
Buenos noches y dulces suenos!


PS let me know if you want me to help you garden… Depending on who you are we both might love it so much that it’d be like a party and whatever plants we grow would surely flourish.

i finished printing this 2 days ago. so excited to make more! woodblock print, oil on okawara paper. it's a 2x4!

i finished printing this 2 days ago. so excited to make more! woodblock print, oil on okawara paper. it’s a 2×4! It’s wonky looking because the paper was still rolling a little. New New New! Hot off the presses (though I hand printed it).

Open Studio Info!

Open Studios

Studio Art and DIAP MFA Programs

The City College of New York, CUNY

Thursday May 9, 6-9 pm

Saturday May 11, 12-6 pm

Compton-Goethals Hall and Shepard Hall

160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031

Join MFA students at the City College of New York for two days as their studios are open to the public. The Studio Art and DIAP (Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice) MFA Programs will both have their studios open, in Compton-Goethals and Shepard Halls on W 140th and Convent Avenue, in Hamilton Heights.

Please visit and for more information. Also visit to learn more about the group show curated by the DIAP program, which will be open during the Open Studio event.
Come to The City College of New York to see lots of great art this coming week!
Compton-Goethals Gallery is having an awesome Photography exhibition with an opening Thursday evening from 5-9 pm!
Also join us for an art history event focusing on CCNY’s art collection (including work by Keith Haring, Romare Bearden, and Edward Curtis) Saturday from 12:30 to 3 pm in Compton-Goethals Hall room 252. Speakers include Tricia Laughlin Bloom, Rocio Arnanda and Elizabeth Hutchinson.

See you at City College!

M F A and open studio!


I turned my thesis in to my dean yesterday. I am going to wear the damn outfit and walk in my graduation because this is seriously it! No more school. I’m almost done. Weird!

On may 9th from 6 to 9, and in the 11th from noon to 6, 2 of ccnys art mfa programs are having open studios! And there is a rad photo show opening on the 9th! Come up to city college and check out all of the awesome art we are making here!

For details please check the city college studio mfa blog!

Come over! I will give you seltzer or pie or malt liqueur or rice crispy treats!

Send me off with a damn bang! Give me feedback, glitter, highfives, beer, checks, kombucha, hugs, rap or post punk albums & buy my art so I don’t have to burn it or send it into cold storage!

Ok I need to get to work in the studio now! Going to quilt some paper and work on a new/updated set for photos and animation!

See ya.