Things are nutz over here.

So I’ve been doing a little woodcut, a little screen printing, a little drawing, a little sewing, writing some short poems, stuff, and getting along by assisting an artist with sewn drawing (my jam, yeah) and gardening (my jam as well). And hanging out with my awesome amazing wonderful friends a lot! Working on random art in my little room up here in Harlem. That post mfa whatsit. It’s going to be alright. For real. Sometime. Later on. Looking forward to seeing some good art this week. Fall is full of great art shows here. And I’m going a rad metal concert soon! Yay!

Just wanted to say hey mostly. i got off the dumb facebook for safety and personal reasons, for a bit, yay! That’s exciting. Ah I’ll bet yr proud! Haha! More time in the real world is good. Hard but good. This world is so beautiful and terrible! We are lucky to be here.

Hope stuffs great where you are dear.


This is so cool, 2 friends sent me lovely writing today, both from the hairpin, both resonate with my current events. They are very much worth reading.

Pics from gardens and the world (the view from a park i go to daily, a rose I tended, morning glories in a friends yard, wild purslane by the Hudson) and a preview of the latest woodblock print, which I’ll finish this week… a snake with the head of a wolf.







http://youtu.be/fwltEelhqWg This is my new favorite, Angel Haze is so so so awesome and I’ve totally dug the Lauren Hill song this is based on for like decades. It’s a cover and yet it’s not. An update? i guess its a cover though. I found it last night and wanted to share.


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