Endless Winter? 


It won’t stop being gross winter here in NYC. But at least I’ve got some art up. And am making more, of course. 

This month you can see one of my bottled shipwreck lino/woodcuts at a show called Working Artists, at Academic in LIC. I’ll post more about the show soon, the opening is coming up! I have a plastic bag friendship bracelet on view this month at City College of New Yorks Cohen Library Archive Gallery, as part of a show called Demystifying Feminism. One of my woodcut prints was just part of The Big Draw at Catalyst Gallery in Beacon, NY. And somebody just bought one of my watercolored drypoints at Postcards from the Edge, the awesome benefit for Visual AIDS, at Luhring Augustine here in NYC. I also recently had a couple of plastic bag friendship bracelets in the Grand Winter Salon at the Greenpoint Gallery. So all of that’s exciting.

Here are pictures of the colors and process of a new reduction lino. So excited! 

Have a safe dry warm fun day wherever you are friend!



Here’s a picture of me looking awkward talking about one of my sculptures at the CCNY demystifying feminism exhibition! So awkward! Haha! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xjZfW5qxuxo/VQtVbdpWBQI/AAAAAAAARdo/H0sVo1LRdqM/s1600/IMG_4389.JPG


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