Swap Meet at Academic

Hi yall,

I’m part of an exciting show called Swap Meet at Academic this month.

Come on out to Long Island City this Friday (April 17th, 2015) to see! Reception from 6-9 pm. Academic is located at 47-39 35th St, 2nd floor, LIC, Queens, NY, 11101

Here’s the press release…

Academic gallery is please to present Swap Meet, an experimental exhibition. Each participating artist brought work that was then randomly assigned to another artist to install and title. The result is an unexpected mixture of collaboration and detachment. Each artist giving away the intention of their work to another.

Featuring the work of:
Wonchun Che
Greg Martin
Henry McMahon
Angela Rosensweig
Stephen Sewell
Katie Simpson Spain
Melissa Walker

2 thoughts on “Swap Meet at Academic

  1. Hi sweet Katie, hope all is well in the NY art world. Portland misses you! By the way I spent the first 25 years of my life living at 21-41 34th Ave LIC NY small world huh? love from west coast to east coast, Jo

    • Jo!
      That is so cool! I’d forgotten you grew up in LIC! I work over there too, in a warehouse painting wallpaper.
      The gallery is in the warehouse district by aviation high school.
      I miss you!!!
      Hope I get to see you soon.

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